Dominican Republic

Who we are?

What is the Civil Aviation Board (JAC)?

The Civil Aviation Board (JAC) is a dependency of the Executive Branch, a body created by Law No. 491-06, in the 2006 year, for the purpose of Dictating aero commercial policies, regulating the economic aspects of air transport and the important mission, as a body dependent on the Executive Power, to advise the President of the Republic in everything related to Commercial Aviation of the Dominican Republic.

The main functions performed by the Civil Aviation Board (JAC) are:

  • Propose to the Executive Branch the adoption of regulations related to economic aspects of air transport. Adopt and modify the resolutions on matters within its competencia.Recomendar the Executive Branch fixing of charges and fees.
  • Adopt and amend the regulations of the Commission of Inquiry Accident Aviation Authority (CIAA).
  • Subjecting the final approval of the Executive Branch grant Certificates of Authorization for National Economic and permits for foreign air carriers operating companies.
  • Set the risks and minimum amounts that must be compulsorily insured by aircraft operators.
  • Grant special permits for foreign air operators conducting non-regular or chartes international trade.
  • Approve or not, rates of commercial air transport, in accordance with the provisions of air transport agreements.
  • Authorize and regulate the traffic capacity and frequencies assigned to the aircraft operator, as the international air transport agreements and ensure compliance signed by the Dominican State.
  • Representing the state participate in conferences and meetings of international bodies in which aspects of air transport policies are addressed.
  • Propose to the Executive Branch integration or modification of the National Facilitation Committee (CNF).
  • Knowing the hierarchical appeals against decisions of the IDAC, brought by before this body in accordance with Article 151-491 No.06 of Law.
  • Vision

    An institution renowned for its leadership in the orderly and sustainable development of national and international air transport, through the creation, implementation and promotion for the insertion of commercial air market policies


    Set the top policy of national Civil Aviation, promote the development of air transport and regulate their economic, financial and legal aspects, providing quality service to our internal and external customers.


  • Professionalism: we have the skills required to meet the obligations of our mission, laws and regulations.
  • Customer Focus: We are committed to meet the requirements of our customers.
  • Transparency: guarantee access to information, truthful, accurate and timely.
  • Innovation: we care about the training, technological modernization, flexibility and support for creativity.
  • Social and environmental commitment: sustainable development and social responsibility to our environment.
  • Strategic framework
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