Dominican Republic

Office of the President of the JAC

Luis Ernesto Camilo García, President of the Civil Aviation Board (JAC). .Numented by Decree No. 246-16.


  • In the 2000 2003 years, he was appointed by the then President of the Republic as Director General of the Directorate General of Passports. During his tenure processes were completed to provide Dominican citizens digital passports
  • 2003 2004 to the, he served as Director General of the Instituto Postal Dominicano (IMPOSDOM), giving the country its first postal code.
  • His professional and managerial performance in both institutions, was recognized by national and international organizations.
  • During the four-year 2006-2010, he served as deputy representing the province Duarte in Congress.
  • Contributions

  • Author of "Passport in Time of Globalization".
  • Author of "Social and Legislative Memory".
  • Achievements

  • Implementation of digital passports, General Directorate of Passports.
  • Implementacion first postal code (IMPOSDOM)
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